Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Although there are certain things you cannot change for instance your age, genes or past actions, there are steps you can start taking to minimize the risk of getting diabetes. Here are some of the ways to avoid diabetes.

Control your weight. Being overweight will increase the chances of getting diabetes. You are more likely to develop diabetes when you are obsess compared to someone who is healthy. You will be able to prevent diabetes when you lose about seven percent of your current weight if it is above the healthy-weight range.

Exercise regularly. Get moving and turn off the television. Regular physical activity will help you cut down the chance of getting diabetes.  Working out increases the insulin sensitivity of your cells, so less insulin is required to maintain your blood sugar levels when you work out. Performing exercises such as high-intensity interval training, aerobic exercise, and strength training, will reduce blood sugar and insulin resistance in obese, overweight and pre-diabetic adults. Frequently working out improves your muscle's ability to absorb glucose and use insulin. Check out diabetes blood test for more details.

You do not necessarily need long hours of hot and sweaty exercise to reduce diabetes. You can do simple exercises like brisk walking for just half an hour on a daily basis and minimize your chance of acquiring diabetes. Studies show that watching television which appears to be a negative form of inactivity instead of doing something more active can increase your chances of developing diabetes. Read https://www.reference.com/health/can-glucose-meters-testing-strips-2cdac454658bbc0d to know more about diabetic test strips.

Change your diet. Cut sugar and refined carbs from your diet. Refined sugary drinks and grains have a high glycemic load and taking them will increase the risk of diabetes. Your body breaks down these foods rapidly into smaller sugar particles that are then absorbed into your bloodstream.  The rise in blood sugar will make your pancreas produce insulin to help reduce the blood sugar back to normal. If the insulin produced becomes excess, your blood sugar will lower to below normal, and you will get diabetes.  Know more about blood glucose test .

If you already have prediabetes, your body cells will resist your insulins actions, and your blood sugar will continue to rise still leading to diabetes. For your diet, choose whole grain products over highly processed carbs. This is because whole grains contain fiber and bran which are difficult to break down into glucose and this will keep your blood sugar in check. Whole grains are also rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals that may help prevent diabetes.  When it comes to sugary beverages, coffee and tea are good substitutes as long as you do not add a lot of sugar and cream.